Influence of play on children

Influence of play on childrenHighlighted in the tricks of the game. Is it true? Parents should participate in the selection of games for their children by participating in the selection and purchase or play of games.
Gotta play games with the kids. In addition to controlling the content of the game, as well as observe the behavior and reaction of the game. Can interfere with the idea of one side Comments for the child in terms of accuracy. More suited to society and the world of reality. Consider the consequences of action.
Advise indoctrination of children to learn good results in different areas.

Too many games, such as lack of experience, lack of skills, lack of activity in other areas. Important and necessary for life in the future. There’s no time to read the lesson. Grades may be lower. If you play for too long, your Eyes and eye muscles don’t stop. Pain, fatigue, eye pain and headache. Some play too many games until the game is over, so that’s not enough. Eat food on time. This will affect health and growth.
Study the types of games, violence, adequacy, age and development of children of different ages. This will help in choosing the right child. A sign and age description will appear on the box with the symbol.

Define and control the playback time of the computer and the Internet.

And control not to spend too much time with computer games. I have to detail how many hours a day I play. How many days? Some houses have rules that will only play on Saturday. Sunday only
Encourage children to use computer games in education, such as a range of games suitable for their age, such as programs for teaching subjects, games, teaching or teaching English. Help children find useful information on the site. on the Internet
Find interesting activities, such as inviting children to play sports. Create works of art, plant trees, read books, excursions, parents, try to find fun activities to defeat the fun that children get from the game.

Computer games have both positive and negative effects on children, depending on the game and the time needed to play. The effect will be both short-term and long-term.

– School-age children do not go to school and do not go to school, because it took a little time. As a result, the results of the fall.

Do not do this do not read the book lack of concentration in the study of the inertial brain.

– the child’s health is slimmer, due to changing eating habits. I like to eat causes of abdominal pain. Some people will develop obesity because they have no physical or physical activity. Sleep and waking Up, often neglect hygiene and cleanliness. In addition, it can cause vision problems in children. Eyes dry and tired from the glow of the computer screen. Headache, back pain, headaches and aches. Feel my hand shaking. Nerves from the wrist on the palm are pressed for a long time. High blood pressure research Results abroad. The reaction of the cardiovascular system to games can predict blood pressure and hypertension. In the child’s body, the game is stimulated by dopamine. Which again stimulates the nervous system. Make children more suitable. Very strong, as in the use of amphetamines. Make children want to play games all the time.

– mental health – the ability to build relationships with others less. Become a stranger without company because the game takes a long time. Children can be afraid of social behavior. There will be no closing with anyone in the room alone. Play all day without sleep. This will have a direct impact on the health of the child. Children play very fast and spend too much time playing with each other for too long, causing emotional damage. Children are aggressive, aggressive, overcome the rage that can be associated with mimetycznego save games, especially fighting games. Thanks to this, the child will be resistant to antipyretic drugs and depression, if not play.

– Behavior, problems, children, lies, robbery, damage, physical. Family problems, Because the baby-this game is disobedient to parents. Or children can steal or cheat money from parents to play games. Lack of family relationships. No time For lack of understanding, bad times.

This study aims to:This study aims to:

1) study the causative agent promoting play in the Student Academy 2) study the contexts that affect gaming students on campus, 3) behavior, influence. Take part in school games. Quantitative data were collected for a sample of 2,000 people selected using a simple random sample. The tool used was a questionnaire for data analysis, frequency, frequency, pathway analysis and content analysis. The sample size was 520 people. Registration form student behavior Analysis was analyzed using group analysis and content analysis. The results are as follows: 1. The causal factor that facilitates the attachment of students at the level of primary education in the North-East region, the attitude to computer games. Parental control patterns and student behavior are reduced. The risk of the game directly affects the behavior of students.

Internal and external contexts that affect students ‘ attachment to the game include: 1) the context in the school that affects the student’s attachment to the School – from the simple or walls, but also can get out of the school, students online game, school teacher’s laboratories can not do thoroughly, and 2) the context behind the schools is a game of numbers. Very close to school. In the shop with toys, also takes part school staff. Online stores and game points are open from morning to evening. Students can access the service at any time. Unlimited age and play time they are cheap. Some children or students may use the services. Some promotions offer hours of play to customers. Like violence, stealing your parents ‘ money. It costs more. Behavioral changes, such as simulating game behavior. Aggressive aggression 2) Impact on the brain, short memory. Obsessed with the game 3) the Impact on health is a subtle body. There are problems visually not practice and do not torture yourself.

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