How Games Affect The Health of the Body

1.1 Malnutrition in children who play games, children are malnourished. And food. Because children play this game. Food is reduced in quantity and quality, some children play until they eat nothing. I don’t eat 3 hands and food, it’s not healthy, poor quality. And eat the same old game. Selling products to customers for use. Mostly simple foods such as mashed rice, fried snacks, crunchy, etc. Some people will eat more, but eat candy to get more power. Due to lack of exercise. This leads to excessive nutrition. Or obesity. But research from America said. Players who have regular BMI But will be more depressed.

1.2 growth Hormone (GH) caused by the release of GH at midnight to six o’clock is a good time to sleep. If children play games until sleep is sufficient, sleep will cause growth hormone secretion, which causes children to not fully grow because GH is a catalyst for children’s body growth.

1.3 body fatigue due to lack of rest the brain is sluggish. Ability to learn. Your brain is tired. They are also prone to acute heart attack. Seen through various media. I’m playing to death in a game store.

1.4 risk of infection. Since the game has a lot of users. If there are no good cleaning products. It will become a source of the disease. Children infected in the game also lack health care. And proper hygiene. The lack of rest, Malnutrition is Easy to be infected with the disease, for example in the case of the new flu in 2009.

1.5 Ramathibodi hospital studies. IQ is a higher concentration of gameplay. However, professional development does not affect the level of the child. But the kids will focus on the bigger game. Repeat this also leads to lower ratings.

The pain in asking for a hand because of the need to use muscular veneration, is a long time. May cause inflammation.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in dry eyes from computer screen light. Because the game has focus and very good vision. E and headache and back pain together.

2. Mental healthThe pain in asking for a hand because of the need to use muscular veneration, is a long time. May cause inflammation.
Reduce the likelihood of creating relationships with others. Become a stranger without company because the game takes a long time. Children can be afraid of social behavior. There will be no closing with anyone in the room alone.

2.2 Children play very sharply and spend much time, playing too long, causing emotional trauma. Children will be aggressive, aggressive, overcome rage, contribute to the fact that the child will be stable and depressed, if not the game.

2.3 Mimetic behavior theory Erikson States that children-teenagers. And often find a way to follow what you like. Children then. The brain also develops completely, suppressing the mind is not good enough. Can’t share between the real world and the game. Can be used in the game to solve their own problems. According to the report, violence appeared in the decision.

2.4 low emotional intelligence in childhood and adolescence, according to the theory Wyzgoski that children learn. You need an assistant to promote. But if children play this game, it will be missed. Make sure that the children went to the bone. Maybe go wrong. Long-term impact on children’s lack of skills to live in the future.


3.1 Children do not go to school and do not go to school because it takes time to play games. As a result, the results of the fall. Do not do this do not read the book lack of concentration in the study of the inertial brain.

Behavior, problems, liar, theft, damage. Family problems, Because the baby-this game is disobedient to parents. Or children can steal or cheat money from parents to play games. Lack of family relationships. No time For lack of understanding, bad times.

3.3 But also has an impact on the science of communication. In the online game will be a chat between players. There is support. Teams like Mimi ito, an anthropologist at the University of southern California, are exploring new forms of communication. Players from local Friends from Real Life are recommended for social events.
“Hang on, the game” is a behavior that is often discussed. Especially among teenagers and children who have an addiction to behavior in the game as a problem. Messages that many have seen. Currently, there are many games that are equipped with more advanced technology. Online games are offline, which is difficult if we are not exposed to such things. Parents have a way of observing behavior. How to solve this problem?

Dr. Jarin Rinpoche, Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Center, Bangkok hospital Bangkok Talked about it in the game. The nature of the game is often designed to meet the needs of players, often pass through a level that is progressive and you will be rewarded immediately upon successful completion of the mission. This makes players feel that what the game is, is progressive and evolving. When their needs will always respond. Therefore, players want to continue the game without stopping until the “gaming addiction”, which can lead to a number of consequences.

Body: causes back pain, fatigue.

Development (in children): Good development requires stimulation or stimulation in many aspects such as nutrition, entertainment, interaction with nature and the environment. Practice is the Only way to play the game, catch everything and influence the child’s development.
Note: children may experience mimetic behavior. And can be irritated. Has aggressive behavior. If you don’t play the game you want.
Family: can cause problems with family relationships. Reduced family interactions lead to distraction.

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