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Many great games were published with a circulation of Sony only on the PlayStation 3. Below is a list of the most interesting, “exclusive” names that are worth contacting, if you have not yet. You will also find here three top games ps3 that break out a bit of assumptions, but you need to find in the list.

The PlayStation 3 console debuted in November 2006 in Japan and the Americas Alps, and a few months later in Europe. At the very beginning, Sony’s new machine wasn’t easy, especially in the face of the huge success of the PlayStation 2. However, over time, she caught up, offering more and more interesting, the best and unique exclusive games.

Best ps3 games 2017

Even today, although the market is already available new consoles-PS4 and Xbox One-a large library of games, low price, unique exclusive titles are a good reason to get acquainted with the PlayStation 3 console. Or maybe he just missed you with a top games ps3 name?

Best ps3 games 2017In the Studio created Naughty Dog series Uncharted as treasure hunter Nathan Drake everywhere secrets hidden on the maps of best ps3 games 2017 history. Basically, it means trouble, getting into which Nathan has an incredible talent. Uncharted is an action with a light-hearted plot in the style of an adventure film in which we observe the action from a third person. Not enough shooting or hand-to-hand combat, although they are also interesting puzzles and a lot of research. The series has set new standards when it comes to binding and cinematics in games and has become a model for other development studios.

Killzone series of learning Guerrilla Game is a first person shooter. In Killzone 2, we play the role of the character Seva – a soldier of the vektan ISA-and fight against the Helgasts, who in the first part invaded the planet Vektan. The second part of the series was characterized by a tense, dirty climate of war and the burden of a fully armed soldier. The continuation of the adventures of Showa in Killzone 3 – a new place, richer color palette and more convenient management, which was to approach the best ps3 games 2017 series for other popular shootings of this generation. It is necessary to start the adventure from Killzone 2 and possibly continue the fun in Killzone 3.

Top game for ps3

God of War-this is a top game for ps3 very bloody series of action games in ancient Greece. Aimed at the rapid destruction of numerous enemies. Its main character is Kratos, a brave Spartan commander. We learn of his fate until he became one of the inhabitants of Olympus, until the end, when the struggle kills the gods known from mythology.

Top game for ps3The game offers exciting battles, especially with huge bosses like Kronos. This production, bloody and very cruel, only on adult audience. On PS3 appeared ports of games released on mobile platforms Sony, and the Introduction, but above all, God of War 3 is the most spectacular part, which is the culmination of the achievements of the top game for ps3 series.

inFamous – in this three-dimensional game with an open world, embodies the hero who owns the power of electricity. The world we observe from behind the character, both during skirmishes as well as rapid movement after the fictional metropolis. The plot tells about the source of mysterious abilities and the threat to the city, which we must prevent. The system of Karma, that is, moral elections, is also connected with the best ps3 games.

It is worth taking this title, at least for a spectacular combat system using electric special attacks. If you like it, be sure to read the second part of the series.

Little Big Planet is an unusual platform game in which a great emphasis was placed on creating a community of players. Using the best ps3 games editor, each of us can create our own levels and share them with others, so that the game does not get bored for a long time. In the gameplay we manage Zakboek, a character that we can dress and change the look, using items that we collect in the game.

Top playstation3 games

Heavy Rain – Production Studio Quantic Dream-a story in which the main plot is devoted to hunt down a serial killer and the kidnapper of children. Multithreaded story is represented by the eyes of several previously unknown characters.

Top playstation3 gamesThe game shows the gameplay in an unusual way, mainly through a sequence of quick time events, during which at the right time and in order, you have to press the button on the controller. Because of this and expertly managed script, preserved East of the cinematic nature of the top playstation3 games. The plot, although not beyond the book charts detectives intriguing and addictive to the end.

Demon’s Souls – Production Studio From Software-RPG game. It attracted the attention of the top playstation3 games players, first of all, the level of difficulty. Demon’s Souls is difficult, and death is one of the mechanics that the player can use to their advantage. At a time when everything should be more accessible, demon’s Souls is an unusual experience that amplifies projects of locations and opponents. The title features extremely climatic player interactions across the bestps3 network, including the ability to collaborate with or attack other players in their world. Every step is put forward, to win in no other game is as satisfying as in demon’s Souls.

Gran Turismo 5 is the crown of the famous series of bestps3 racing games, authored by Polyphony Studio. The game skillfully balances between a moderate simulator and an exciting arcade car.

The player gets access to an advanced network mode and provides dozens of hours of career for a single driver. There are more than a thousand cars, behind which we can get behind the wheel, driving on one of the dozens of routes.